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The following packages have been put together to provide new producers with ideas as to the equipment required to start-up new GRC/GFRC production facilities. These packages are for guidance only. Equipment can be purchase individually to expand both the range and volume of GRC/GFRC materials manufactured. For further information please contact us directly or our nearest agent.

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Equipment Traditional Hand Spray Spray Premix Cast Premix
WAAPS 3000 Water & Liquid Batcher Y Y Y
GRC 125 Combi Mixer Y Y Y
PS9000A / PS9000i Spray Machine Y*
PS10000A Spray Machine Y*
PS38 Y Y optional**
Concentric Y
Vibrating Table optional***

* Choice of spray machine depends on the output requirement.

** The PS38A’s pump can be used to convey Premix GRC/GFRC to the moulds.

*** If Self Compacting Premix GRC/GFRC formulations are used there is no need for a vibrating table.