Traditional Hand-Spray GRC/GFRC


  • WAAPS 3000 – Water, Polymer and Admix (2) Dispensing System
  • GRC125 Combination Slurry/Premix GRC Mixer, with bucket trolley
  • PS9000i Pump/Spray station with machine mounted articulated spray support boom and concentric spray head
  • MK3 Powertex Facing Coat Spray Gun + Airline
  • Large spring compaction rollers (2)
  • GRC Thickness measuring gauge
  • Slump test kit
  • “Wash Out” Test baskets (3)
  • Essential Spares parts pack


This package of equipment is for manufacturers who intend to produce GRC/GFRC by the traditional hand-spray method, typically used for architectural panels. You can see a video of the hand-spray process here