Spray Premix

This package of equipment allows the production of both traditional hand-spray, and sprayed premix GRC/GFRC, giving greater flexibility for projects where hand-spray may be impractical to use. You can see videos of each production method at here and here.

Product Documents





  • WAAPS 3000 – Water, Polymer and Admix (2) Dispensing System
  • GRC125 Combination Slurry/Premix GRC Mixer, with bucket trolley
  • PS38A Combi GRC Spray Station – includes Concentric GRC Spray Gun, MK5A Premix Spray Gun, articulated boom and accessories pack
  • MK3 Powertex Facing Coat Spray Gun + Airline
  • Large spring compaction rollers (2)
  • GRC Thickness measuring gauge
  • Slump test kit
  • “Wash Out” Test baskets (3)
  • Essential Spares parts pack