GRC/ GFRC Equipment

Discover our wide range of specialist equipment for Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete production

GRC / GFRC Mixing Systems

gfrc mixer

GRC/GFRC Spray Stations

gfrc spray station

GRC/GFRC Spray Heads & Guns

grc spray gun

Dosing and Batching Systems

gfrc batching

Lifting Devices

pneumatic lifter

Choppers & Dispensers

glass fibre

Quality Control


GRC/GFRC Accessories

gfrc equipment

Spare Parts

grc parts

Other Specialist Equipment

grc equipment

Used Equipment

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About Us

Established in 1962, Power-Sprays Limited. has been involved with the design, development, and manufacture of specialist equipment for mixing, pumping and spraying cementitious composites for over 60 years. Early products included equipment for the sprays application of decorative textured coatings, veneer plasters and fire protection coatings. In the 1970’s the Company began to develop machinery for the production of Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete ( GRC / GFRC ); an industry which, at the time, was in its infancy. Today, Power-Sprays GRC/GFRC production techniques are used by GRC/GFRC manufactures in over 100 countries.


All our equipment is manufactured in the UK. Our Global support is provided through our UK Head Office and Authorised Resellers.