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Other Machinery

Power-Sprays offers a range of other specialist equipment for mixing, pumping and spraying a wide range of cement and gypsum-based materials such as Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), renders, plasters, self levelling floor screeds, vermiculite and perlite based fire protection coatings, concrete protection coatings, repair mortars, pointing mortars etc.

Power-Sprays also designs and builds equipment to suit customers specific requirements. Here are a selection of some of the machines which we have constructed over the past 50 years. If you have a special requirement, please contact us.

PS 4000M

Mobile Mixer and Spray machine for spraying renders, fire protection coatings, mixing/pumping cement grouts etc. Completely pneumatic. Only needs connection to a compressor thus no electrics. Ideal for use in situations where there’s risk of fire due to the presence of highly inflammable substances (e.g. oil refineries, oil rigs etc.).

PS1000 & PS2000

highly portable, low voltage pump (spray option available) units for pump/spraying cementitious repair and protection coatings. Can be used in conjunction with the Lightweight Spray head fitted with standard or MAM type nozzles. Mini version available for difficult access situations (e.g. underground reservoirs). Removable hopper for 18” access covers.

Spray Guns

Power-Sprays can offer a range of spray guns and nozzles for a wide variety of cement and gypsum based materials, textures paints and more.

Other Equipment

Past special projects include mobile foamed concrete mixers for on-site reinstatement of the highways, chimney lining machinery and even mobile GRC factories for the army!