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Automated Materials Weighing and Batching Systems

Power-Sprays offers customers the opportunity to select from a range of “modular” based, weight controlled, automated dry materials and liquids batching systems to create a bespoke GRC batch mixing plant to suit their exact requirements.

Plants are designed to process sand, cement and other dry materials from 1-2 tonne “Bulk Bags” and/or hoppers or bulk storage silos or a mixture of all three. Materials are delivered from the selected bulk storage containers by auger conveyors to a weighing vessel mounted on load cells. The feed augers are controlled via an automated “weigh batch control” unit which ensure accurate weighing of all materials. Power-Sprays weigh batch control systems also provide customers with full mix traceability per batch plus detailed materials consumption data on a daily/weekly as required.

Water and other liquids are also controlled by weigh. Power-Sprays standard “WAAPs 3000” system weighs water, acrylic polymer and two types of chemical admixture. As with the dry materials batching systems, the liquids batching systems can be expanded should there be a requirement to add further options later.

All Power-Sprays dry materials and liquids weight controlled batching systems are designed to integrate with the GRC125, GRC125S and GRC250S series of specialist GRC mixers.

Dry Materials Weighing Module

Liquid Weighing Module

Polymer and Admixture Delivery Pumps

GRC250S Combination Mixer Module