Success at the MEC 2015

Power-Sprays and Fibre Technologies International were pleased to support the Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete Association (GRCA) on their stand at the Middle East Concrete Exhibition, part of the Dubai Big 5 Construction Show.


GRC best practice was promoted during the event where GRCA member representatives offered advice and guidance to architects, consultants, existing and potential GRC producers on the correct specification of GRC and the importance of using fully compliant alkali-resistant glass fibres. Visitors from the Arabian Gulf and others from India, Asia and Europe visited the stand where all GRCA members were featured along with samples of GRC provided by members from the United Arab Emirates.


Richard Lavery, Assistant Technical Manager of Power-Sprays and Fibre Technologies International, made a technical presentation during the exhibition on the principles and applications of GRC, as well as ongoing developments in the industry.