PS38A Combination Spray Station

For both Spray Premix and Traditional Hand Spray GRC / GFRC

PS38A GFRC Combination Spray Station

The PS38 “Combination” series is constructed around Power-Sprays’ robust “multi-roller” 38mm peristaltic pumps driven by powerful 3-phase electric motors and frequency inverter speed controllers . With the “peristaltic pump” no moving parts are in contact with the materials, enabling these pumps to convey a wide range of mixes. Therefore, the PS38 Combination Spray Stations can be used to manufacture Traditional Hand Spray and Spray Premix GRC / GFRC.


  • Peristaltic pump with “multi roller low pulse” technology
  • No moving parts in contact with the material to maintain strand integrity of fiber
  • Simple cleaning with sponge ball
  • High performance internal hose is easily removed for inspection or replacement
  • Machine mounted, fully articulated spray support boom
  • Variable speed control system
  • Operates with both the MK5A Premix Spray and Concentric Spray guns
  • Guns supplied with Spray Station
  • Other formats and special drive systems (e.g. pneumatic) can be built to order


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