GRC125S Combination Mixer

With “Loss in Weight” controlled Chopped Fibre Dispenser & Water, Admixture & Polymer Dispensing Systems

GRC125S Combination GFRC MIxer

The GRC125S Combination Mixer is a fully automated bulkfed batching system for GRC / GFRC. Also available: A comprehensive range of accessories providing semi or fully automated control of the addition of chemical admixtures, acrylic polymers and the Alkali Resistant glass fibres.

  • Variable speed mixing 0-1400rpm
  • Powerful 11.2 KW 3-phase electric motor
  • Flexible capacity from 60Kgs to 125Kgs (130 to 260 lbs)
  • Suitable for both Cast and Spray Premix
  • High Shear slurry mixing for traditional “Sprayed” GRC / GFRC
  • Pneumatic discharge direct into spray machine
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Mounted on a steel support structure
  • Platform extensions, access stairs and guard rails also available

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