GRC125 Combination Mixer BT

With Bucket Trolley for easy mix transportation

GRC125 Combi GFRC Mixer with Bucket Trolley

All the benefits of the GRC125 Combination Mixer but with additional Bucket Trolley. This makes transporting the mix much more convenient, as it can be moved directly from the mixer to the mould or GRC / GFRC spray station without the need for additional moving equipment.

  • Revolutionary mixing blade
  • High shear mixing of the sand/cement slurry at fast speed
  • Blending of the fibre at slow speed
  • 60 litres capacity to easily accommodate up to 125kg of material
  • Works equally well with smaller mixes
  • Fully variable speed 0-1400 rpm
  • Dry materials loading chute with sealed lid to reduce dust
  • Comes with 2 removable plastic mixing vessels
  • Platform mounted version also available

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