GRC125 Combination Mixer

For spray grade slurry and premix GRC / GFRC without compromise

GFRC125 Combination Mixer for Spray & Premix GFRC

Premix GRC / GFRC is based on a high strength, low water/cement ratio mortar. The GRC125 Combination Mixer for Spray & Premix prepares the mix at high speed. The Alkali Resistant Glass fibre reinforcement is then blended into the mortar at slow speed.

  • Revolutionary mixing blade
  • High shear mixing of the sand/cement slurry at fast speed
  • Blends the fibre at slow speed
  • 60 litres capacity to easily accommodate up to 125kg of material
  • Works equally well with smaller mixes
  • Fully variable speed 0-1400 rpm
  • Dry materials loading chute with sealed lid to reduce dust
  • Comes with 2 removable plastic mixing vessels
  • Platform mounted version also available

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