Chopped Fibre Feeder

Accurate dispensing of pre-cut glass and synthetic fibres.

Chopped FIbre Feeder for GRC / GFRC

The Chopped Fibre Feeder comprises material holding hopper, rotary valve, delivery hopper and feed duct.

  • Includes 3 load cells and programmable weigh batch control system.
  • Unique agitating “anti-bridging” system to ensure fibres are kept moving
  • Control system incorporates an automatic “in-flight” correction system
  • Dispenses AR Glassfibres and many Polypropylene fibres (subject to prior testing)
  • Accurate recording and traceability when connected to a central batch computer system
  • GRC/GFRC, Ready Mixed Concrete and Precast Concrete batching plant applications
  • Can be installed within existing batch plants
  • Gravity feed into mixer or optional vacuum delivery system
  • Safe dispensing of fibres to high plant levels or ready mixed concrete trucks

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